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Wireless AP Hopper
For a project at UCLA, I developed a python based wireless AP hopper. Currently, it assumes Prism2 like hardware (anything that the wlan folks support in the prism2_cs driver) and root access. It incorporates a banned list of APs and will automatically attempt to gain a DHCP lease for acquired APs. This program is quite rough around the edges, but will no doubt improve in the near future.

I am working with Professor Paul Eggert and Professor Rupak Majumdar at UCLA to apply code verification techniques to catch various forms of bugs (dereferencing a NULL pointer, array out of bounds indexing, etc) at compile time. At this point we are employing BLAST and Ccured out of Berkley to aid with this work. The hope is to come up with an automated tool to catch a small class of these bugs in arbitrary C source code. Updates will be posted as they become available.

Dan Kegel and I have proposed various changes to design changes to distcc to incease the performance of a large shared compile cluster. Implementation is pending a discussion on the distcc mailing list. More information to come soon.