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There are questions which can't easily be answered by traditional ecological sensors. Indirect sampling of phenomena through image analysis can provide a non-invasive and inexpensive means of answering these questions. Domain specific knowledge will serve to make this image analysis more tractable than general vision. This presentation serves as an introduction to our vision and preliminary results.

I presented this presentation with Teresa Ko.
Slides (Power Point) (3.5MB)
Slides (PDF) (6.8MB)

Workshop Overview
CENS [1] is a major research enterprise engaged in the development of wireless sensor systems and the application of revolutionary sensing technology to critical scientific and social applications. Each year, members of the Center and partners from across the world gather for a day-long symposium [2] to communicate recent results and accomplishments in this rapidly developing field. We invite you to join us as we highlight our measurement and sensing technologies and look forward to future developments.

[1] Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS)
[2] CENS Annual Research Review 2007